When She's 64 - Cher Style Then And Now

Only a 64 year old Cher could get away with wearing this outfit at the MTV Music Video Awards
Tasteful no, but hilarious yes
And at least she has a since of humor about it
From the Daily Mail
'I have shoes older than most of these nominees,' she told a cheering audience. 'I'm the oldest chick with the biggest hair in the littlest costume.
'Back in the day, I used to get thrown off MTV for wearing things like this that seem so tame now,' she added. 'That's when Lady Gaga was Baby Gaga.'
I've been thinking about 1970s Cher style recently because of this vintage turquoise jewelry on Beladora2.
The client that we bought the jewelry from was kind enough to provide us with a copy of this actual People Magazine cover from 1975 featuring Cher in all of her turquoise splendor.
I love the headlines
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I will admit that in 1975 I had zero idea who Donald Rumsfeld was 
but I did listen to a lot of Led Zeppelin.