Meet the Ladies of Pantene - Shea Pegues

Shea is another one of the new Pantene models and guess what? She is natural too! She has an amazing head of hair, so of course I had to ask her a few questions.

AHS: Many women might assume that you are relaxed because in the photos you're hair is straight, but you are actually natural right?

Shea Pegues: that right I'm natural

AHS:Have you ever had a relaxer?

SP: I actually attempted to relax my hair in college and it all fell out LoL it wasnt so funny then. the chemical was way to strong. All my friends had one so i got one thinking i could wash it and it would dry straight. wrong!!! having a perm requires the same amount of maintenance if not more. my hair came out in clumps i was horrified!!!

AHS: How long have you worn your hair natural?

SP: All my life except for the one time in college. It was the beginning and end of my perming experience.

AHS: What are some of the challenges of having natural hair and also loving sleek and straight or big loose curls?

SP: Humidity Is the hair enemy lol. your day may start off with sleek or straight hair but the slightest bit of humidity and you can have an embarrassing mess on your hands, but surprisingly with Pantene frizz control shampoo and conditioner and the right flat iron I have trained my hair to keep humidity out. pretty amazing huh coming from a black woman with natural hair. I've been in clubs with my friends and and we all would go in straight and with in 30 minutes of being there they would be looking like Shirley from what happening (afro and puffy)and my hair would be straight and flowing with no perm. just about every girl in the club would ask what kind of hair was i buying was it Yaki or indian hair. they couldn't believe it was my hair i have had people walk up to me and run their hands through my hair to feel it (those kind of thing would throw me off guard). I would laugh and tell them its mine then the next question would be what kind of product am I using, I would spend the next 10 minutes explaining the process. Heres the trick being able to keep you hair from being dry with out a bunch of oil. hydrating your hair but keeping the humidity out sounds like a oxymoron but its possible.

AHS: How do you minimize heat damage?

SP: I let my hair air dry if i have enough time or if i blow dry it i will flip the heat switch back to the cool switch and i have a ionic blow dryer. Im telling you this new technology that has been made for hair really works. A ceramic flat iron really helps protect as well. I also use the Pantene Heat protect spray to while my hair is damp an the let it dry. These things really make a difference i know it takes a little extra effort and a couple extra dollars for the at blowdryer or flat iron but you will definitely see the difference. It's worth it.

AHS: Name of one of your "hair rules" (1 thing that you must do to your hair) and how often do you do it?
SP: I give my hair vacation time at least 3 times a month a for a day or two. what i mean by that is no flat irons no styling.I take one day where I wash it saturate it with all kinda conditioners and repair hair cremes. Its kinda like when you get a pedicure and they really pamper you feet and the foot scrubb ect. I take a day where i really check out my scalp my ( hair treatments) make sure my ends are deeply conditioned and just few hrs or over the top treatments and wear it in a loose bun for the day. I know i may look like a little kid with my bun but when i wash my hair out its movie ready!

AHS: Do you frequent a hair salon or are you more of a DIY-er?
SP: No disrespect to my sisters stylist but I am a definite DIY-er I hate waiting in the salons all day and I would rather buy a hot pair of shoes than fork over my hard earned cash or losing sleep trying not to mess up my hefty investment. I don't even sleep with my hair wrapped any more I use a Satin pillow it's just as good. I've trained my hair, it wasn't perfect the first time or the second but once I got my flow down with the product and tools my hair looks better what any stylist can do!