Henna Color Expectations

Please note this post was written prior to doing my very first henna!

As I sit here and write this post, I have to say I'm nervous. My Chamomile tea is in the kitchen seeping and once it's completed I will start mixing my Henna for tomorrow's big Henna Experiment! My natural hair color is what I'd call medium brown, there is no way you could mistake my hair for being black. Other's call it a sandy brown, either way I'm ready for a change. I've been googling and youtubing up a storm trying my best to find someone who has/had a similar hair color to mine pre-henna with no luck.

Part of me is worried that I'll end up with Ronald McDonald or a Charli Baltimore red, but I know that is completely illogical because Henna does not lighten the hair it only deposits a red hue. The other part of me is ready to trade in my 'sandy' almost ashy looking sun-kissed brown for a sizzling sultry auburn look.

Check out my NATURAL color for the last time!