Meet the Pantene Ladies - Tasia Spencer

Meet Tasia Spencer, the beautiful new and natural model for Pantene!
AHS: 3 years ago you went from relaxed to natural, what sparked the change?

Tasia Spencer: As an undergraduate student at an historically black college and university(FISK University), I was introduced to the beauty of wearing natural hair from classmates and friends. My close friends and roommate sparked my decision to go natural. I was curious to see what my natural hair looked and felt like without chemical substances. Plus, while relaxed, my hair was fine and thin, and I wanted my hair to be thicker, so I said "I'm going natural."

AHS: Did you transition or just go straight for the big chop?

TS: I was a trooper and transitioned without the big chop. Although, there were days when I wished I just cut all my relaxed hair off. First, I tried micro-braids, which were convent, but turned out to be a big mess once I removed the braids. My hair was matted all over, so I did get my hair cut a little. Afterward, I just started washing, conditioning and trimming away the relaxed ends. The transition was definitely a journey for 2 reasons; 1) it taught me how to creatively maintain my hair and 2) to accept me for me and to be comfortable in my own skin, whether long relaxed hair or tightly natural coiled curls.

AHS: If you transitioned, what advice can you give other women who are currently transitioning from relaxed to natural or thinking about doing it?

TS: First, really think about your decision and then fully commit to the transition. I know of women who decided to go natural and then 3 months later, their new growth became overwhelming for them to care for and maintain. So, think about it and fully commit to the interesting journey of discovering the natural hair God designed you with- which is the best type of hair! Oh, be creative with styling, try braiding your hair, or 2 strand twisting, or even wearing a cool scarf or headband.

AHS: How do you preserve your curls overnight?

TS: Well, I am faithful to my satin bonnet. I put it on at night to preserve and protect my hair. I also sleep on a satin pillowcase. However, sometimes when I blow-out my hair and wear it big, I section my hair and 2 strand twist it and then take out in the morning. But, there are those nights, when I allow my hair to be free without twist or a bonnet and I just fall asleep and wake up to an interesting situation...LOL!

AHS: What's your favorite hair care treatment and how often do you do it?

TS: My favorite hair care treatment would be to deep condition my hair with conditioner and added oil, such as jojoba oil and sit under the hair dryer for ten minutes or so. I do this treatment once every 3 weeks to a month.

AHS: Tell me a little bit about your blog.

TS: My passions are fashion, beauty and health and I plan to some day work in those industries. But since I do not work in the industries as of right now, I created QueenTahj Blog as my "right now fix" until my appointed time, when I reach my career goals, my dreams come true and my hard-work pays off. The main purpose of QueenTahj is to celebrate women of all ethnicities, through fashion, beauty and health. My goal is to encourage my readers to be fierce, fearless and fabulous in their own unique way in whatever they do.