Lifestyle Leak: Moscato

Lobster and shrimp
and a glass of moscato
for the girl whos a student
and her friend whos a model
finish the whole bottle
and we gonna do it big like this
- Drake

Still over in Brazil
Sipping moscato
You must have forgot though
So I'ma take it back to the block, yo.
- Lil Kim

Seems as though hip hop has discovered a new drink of choice, but I must say they are tardy to the party. I was first introduced to Moscato at a dinner party, particularly Moscato d'Asti and ever since I was hooked. Moscato d'Asti is a sweet sparkling wine that is often served with dessert. Even though the alcohol content is low, it's still an alcoholic beverage and best left to those 21 and over, sorry. Since today is my birthday! You can count on me having at least one glass.

Try it for yourself:

My favorite brand (so far) under $15.00