Henna - What to have on hand

It's official girls! I've taken the plunge and henna'd my relaxed hair. Before we get into results, let's talk about what I had on hand for the big event.

Gloves - You will need to use gloves, henna will stain your hands and the area around your nails without them.

Plastic Cap - This is to cover your hair after you apply the henna to your hair.

Surgical gown (or a dark tee) - Protect your clothes, pick an old t-shirt (preferably a dark one) and dedicate it to henna.

Disposal hospital chucks (or garbage bags to line the floor) - If you are careful you can skip this but I didn't want to get anything on my floor, and I also put chucks on top of my bathroom sink to protect that as well.

Lots of clips to section the hair - Self explainatory.

Alcohol Prep Pads - To wipe down my hair line, tops of ears, and back of neck after applying the henna and covering my hair.

Mizani Butter Base - An additional measure to try and protect my ears, hairline and neck from getting stained by the henna.

Large roll of gauze wrap - After I applied the henna to my hair I covered my hair with a plastic cape and then wrapped my head up like a mummy with the gauze to catch anything that might leak out of the plastic cap.

Henna can be very messy and stain whatever it touches so I wanted to make sure that everything I used was going to be dedicated to Henna from there on out, like the t-shirt I wore, towel used, and scarf used. Having everything you need ready for you will make your Henna process more enjoyable and less messy.