New for Naturals: Essentious

I’d like to introduce you to Essentious, the all natural hair care system by Tymeka Lawrence. The line was originally created by Tymeka for African American hair featuring products that are free of sulfates, silicones, mineral oil, petroleum and parabens. I had the opportunity of trying the shampoo and conditioner, so I'll share my thoughts.

Essentious Exonerate Sulfate Free Shampoo

Product Description: Moisturizing shampoo made from organically-based emulsifiers with a base of Aloe Vera gel for healing and moisturizing. It has a rich lather and a light, refreshing scent. Sulfate Free.

Thoughts: All sulfate shampoos are not made equal and this shampoo proves the point. Usually when I use a sulfate free shampoo, my hair and scalp feel clean but not stripped and it's more like co-washing than actually shampooing and I LOVE that. Instead of that super awesome feeling, I had a feeling of impending doom when I used this shampoo. My hair felt hard, dry, and I was scared to actually get in there and lather it up really well because my hair felt so vulernable and fragile. Needless to say, I immediately reached for the conditioner to rectify the situation.

Essentious Hydrate Conditioning Moisture Treatment

The Deets: Moisture treatment restores moisture lost during chemical treatments and heat styling. Penetrates the hair to provide moisture within the hair shaft.

Thoughts: Thank goodness for this conditioner because without it we would have had an emergency on our hands. This conditioner with it's fruity yet vanilla cake batter scent softened up my hair and smooth out all the tangles the shampoo had caused. My hair no longer felt rough, dry, and hard. Instead, it was soft and sweet smelling.

Overall, I'd skip the shampoo but the conditioner has been spared, I'd use that again in a heartbeat mostly because of the fabulous scent.
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