Beauty Break: Foundation Fixes

This Fall it's all about the complexion, I mean really when is it not? A flawless face is always in style and if you fall on the lighter side of things LORAC has you covered. This Fall LORAC is introducing a pretty cool complexion compact called, Evening Out. The compact has everything you need to create a flawless look: 2 concealers, oil free powder foundation and brush/sponge applicator. The only downside is that it only comes in three shade variations, so it leaves most of us brown girls out in the cold.

Covergirl, on the other hand, is doing us brown girls right thanks to the Queen Collection. Covergirl Queen Natural Hue Concealers have been specifically designed to help out darker skinned ladies with a full selection of deep, yellow-based concealer shades. With a lipgloss like application tip, it's easy to apply right to those hard to cover dark marks.

While we cover up these things with a little concealer here or there, a naturally flawless face is the most coveted beauty supply. I'm sure you've heard the same tips over and over:

1. make sure to wash your face before bed
2. eat your fruits and veggies and drink your water
3. don't pick it

All of the above tips and tried and true and will work if you are consistant but there are a few new age things you can do to speed up this process. Some of my favorite skin care moves include:

1. exfoliation - exfoliating your skin not only helps your face feel softer and smoother, it actually helps the new fresh skin come to the forefront faster.

2. at home mini-facials - thanks to Mischo Beauty, I've begun to give myself mini-facials and they are amazing.

3. chemical peels - whether you do it yourself at home or visit a derm, chemical peels have drastically improved my skin