Fashion Week Spring 2011 Hair: Pamela Love + Sebastian

Thomas Dunkin and the Sebastian hair team were on hand backstage at Pamela Love Spring ’11 Presentation at Milk Studios styling the models’ textured, unkempt tresses to complement the jewelry designer’s African- and Indian-inspired collection. Reminiscent of Love’s own undone but innately cool downtown style, the final look was very streetwise and edgy, but still feminine.
Pamela Love Inspiration:
This season, I felt a really strong connection to this idea of jewelry as a symbol of protection. I’ve been interested in that since the beginning, but lately I’ve been referencing traditional Indian and African jewelry that are meant to protect the person who’s wearing it. I was also inspired by the astrological lunar cycles and the chemical symbols for earth, wind, water, and fire, as well as lunar cycles, which play a role in the study of alchemy -- the mixing of the alchemical elements.
Step by Step Styling:
For a textured, unkempt look reminiscent of Love’s own undone but innately cool downtown style, Sebastian Professional lead stylist Thomas Dunkin suggests the following steps:
1. Start by applying Sebastian Professional Gel Forte to wet hair for grip and hold.
2. Next, rough dry hair using just your hands and the dryer.
3. From there, twist hair into sections and spray them with Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper for
texture and light hold.
4. Gently draw a flat iron over each section to create a dreaded or piece-y effect.5. Allow the sections to cool, then loosen them with fingers and backcomb select pieces for added
volume and a final look that’s textured and unkempt but still feminine.