Hot Town Summer In The City

Yeah, it really was hot yesterday. Palm Springs or Las Vegas style hot. After one of the coolest summers on record we finally got the big heat. Officially it reached 113 degrees although this photo from the LA Times shows 121 degrees.
Obviously there were a couple of options for staying cool
And no this wasn't my option
(picture snagged from google, I only wish that this was me frolicking on the beach)
The other option was to dress in summer clothes and stay inside an air conditioned office,
which I happily did.
Here's the photo that I tried to post yesterday but my computer was having no part of it. (Ah... little does my hijacked virus ridden hard drive know, but it is being replaced by a newer, faster, and more powerful hard drive this coming weekend, my new trophy computer if you will)
But I digress.
Here is the estate jewelry that I wanted to show you.

I love this necklace because it is reversible, so in the photo I was wearing it on the reverse side with white enamel instead of the dressier sapphires.  This is a great piece because it can be worn with both casual and dressier styles. And, did I mention that it is Garrard.
And, a gold wire bracelet, a vintage classic from Gucci. 
I'm pretty sure that I had the exact same style bracelet made out of elephant hair when I was 11 years old and the epitome of all things cool, or so I thought. I like it better in 18K.
The weather has changed already. There are clouds from the ocean this morning and our dry burning heat is over.  We are expecting only 90 degrees today.

Keep cool out there