Fueling Your Private Jet With Pure Hypocrisy

I've always admired Bono and his many years of work to help Africa
so it disappoints me to read this
Bono’s charity, ONE, is the poster child for feel-good limousine liberal activism.  In 2008, they took in $14 million in donations, and disbursed a mere $184,000 (or 1%) to charities.  A whopping $8 million (or 57%) of those donations went to executive and employee salaries.  Meanwhile, ONE spends a bunch of cash sending expensive schwag to New York newsrooms to make them help convince the government to cough up $6 billion of taxpayer cash to fight AIDS and tuberculosis in Africa.

Somehow this doesn't surprise me after reading this Bono and his wife Ali, who created Edun to help develop industry in Africa, moved their manufacturing to China.

And of course
Bono and U2 lobbied the Irish government to send more taxpayer money to feed starving children in Africa. Then U2 moved their publishing business from Ireland to Holland to reduce their taxes.

Somehow this nicely shot photo of Bono and Ali for Louis Vuitton just isn't effective for me 
I still like the song though, especially this version with Mary J. Blige