Meet the ladies of Pantene - Brooke Martin

Brooke Martin is the new Pantene model with the fabulous lengthy relaxed locks! I had the opportunity to ask Brooke a few questions so you know I had to know about her relaxer habits, hair care routine, and more! Keep on reading for Brooke's answers.

AHS: How often do you relax your hair and what relaxer do you use?

BM: I self relax with Motions relaxer once every 6 months.

AHS: Have you always had long healthy hair or did you face challenges getting to your current length?

BM: I have always had long hair but when I first started doing my hair I used Pantene products which gave me the salon look I wanted in the comfort of my own home. Pantene products helped my hair to stay healthy without going to the salon.

AHS: Having long hair, what do you do to protect the ends of your hair?

BM: I use the Pantene restoratives collection. It seems to help with split ends and it really keeps my hair strong for day to day styling.

AHS: What is your usual daily hair style, buns, ponytails, out, etc. ?

BM: I usually wear my hair down, sometimes straight sometimes with curls, and also in a bun when it starts to get oily.

AHS: Tell me a little bit about the Men's Clothing line launching this fall.

BM: My husband and I are started the line which is called Privledge and it is targeted toward men with a flare for style. I would describe it as classy casual with a touch of fun, this also describes our style which makes it so easy and fun to design.