Skinny Hair with Redken

Every year Sleek Straight looks rock the magazine pages and always make it into the "trends" list for the season. This Fall, Redken helps you achieve a high maintanence look with minimal headache! the NEW Redken Real Control Slim Supreme slimming serum, a multi-use lightweight -formula that slims down dense, dry, sensitized hair with lasting all-day humidity resistance for a perfectly streamlined look with luscious shine.

“Silicone-based treatments are effective frizz-reducers because they create a barrier to protect the hair from external moisture,” states Rodney Cutler, Redken Brand Ambassador and owner of Cutler/Redken Salons. “For best results, apply Real Control Slim Supreme slimming serum on damp hair and blow-dry to reduce excessive volume and add sleek smoothness. Then re-apply Real Control Slim Supreme slimming serum on dry hair (as needed) focusing on ends for additional shine and frizz control – this allows for enhanced customization based on the specific needs of women with different types of high-maintenance hair.”

The key ingredients are Cationic Conditioners that deeply nourish and condition, Protein & Ceramides help protect, strengthen, and repair the hair fiber, plus Shea butter helps to smooth everything out and prevent frizz. I love the feel and lightweight texture of this product because it really does help turn my fat hair into smooth skinny hair.