Video - Justin Bieber Caught Using Auto-Tune on Drake “Trust Issues” Remix?

Pop sensation Justin Bieber surprised his Twitter followers today by sending out a tweet saying he had completed a remix of the Drake song “Trust Issues”.

The song will NOT be on Bieber’s new album “Believe”, and it appears the remix was just Justin and Drake playing around in the studio with the drum machine and auto tune.

Justin Bieber uses auto-tune?

Well, not normally. But in this remix it is clear that he is using it and you can clearly hear it – especially on the low notes.

This is also the deepest we have ever heard his voice - ever.

Not only does Drake bang out a couple verses but he also uses a few words, that … well, have never been uttered in a JB song before.


Okay. Justin, if this is the direction you’re going with your new album then it’s a mistake. Stick to the mostly clean cut stuff and don’t go all rap wigger on us.

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But we still can’t wait to hear your new album.

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