Sexy Lingerie Collection - Fashion Trends

Sexy, dominant, provocative and mysterious are just a few words that come to mind while looking through the table Elle lingerie collection. Each piece looks like the perfect marriage of scandalous and luxurious.

Table Affairs issued a collection of lingerie that makes women look more sexy. This collection celebrates the female figure and defines the words sexy, bold and exudes feminine strength. Lingerie made of quality materials, soft and comfortable to wear. Besides lingerie can also make up the sex appeal to your spouse.

Sexy Lingerie Collection - Fashion Trends
Lingerie By Bordelle

While Britney Spears shed light on the fire when she was carrying her unmentionables "Circus Tour", it was the way to Alexandra Popa and Javier Suarez was finally able to create a kind of "spanx" that looked more like sensual lingerie than a belt - while still performing the same function. Table Elle is not fancy as other high-end lingerie brands. It is a niche and unusual concept in women's intimate wear. It is not mixed with flowers and fancy finish rather general effect brings the confident, dominant goddess in every woman.

The British lingerie brand Elle table presents his winter 2011 collection, and as usual it is just as charming as spicy. Designers Alexandra Popa and Javier Suarez dry all the quirks, creating pieces of highly sophisticated and dramatic, sensual.

Sexy Lingerie Collection - Fashion Trends
Sexy Lingerie