Pinterest Loves #5

I need to share with you the most amazing quiet book I have ever seen!  I found it on Pinterest and quickly zoomed on over to the website to see if it was really THAT fabulous.  And it is.  Head on over to Serving Pink Lemonade.  She has made FREE instructions and templates!  Now I just need to find the time to make it!  SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!

I'm having some baby cravings! Pinned here:

Really bright, expensive ones!  Pinned here:

Are these colors and patterns not to die for?!  Pinned here:

Let's not forget the boys!  I love this vinyl idea!  Pinned here:

This is my absolute dream house.  The other ones were close.  This one is PERFECT!  Pinned here:

Don't get me wrong.  I love those houses that are filled with coloring pages and artwork from school.  I especially love it when they are on every single wall cluttering the house... hehehe actually I don't.  But I do love this wall!  I love that instead of a drawing thrown up on the wall somewhere random, this is an actual space designed for those wonderful creations we mothers NEED to hang on to!  An ORGANIZED space for those little papers you don't know where to put but want to put somewhere!  Pinned here:

I haven't nailed down my style yet... I love too many different things!!  Pinned here:

I know FOR SURE I love these colors though! Pinned here:

And oh my goodness.  What is that amazing ebook?  And where do I buy it? hehe

I seriously am finished with the ebook.  It is SOOOOO READY!  You are going to love it!!  So I'll see you back HERE Tuesday when the madness is released!!

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