Photos - Emaciated Photos of Steve Jobs Surface the Day after His Resignation

Update: Steve Jobs died October 05, 2011 from his cancer. RIP Steve, you changed the world and we will miss you.

Original Post:

Earlier this week when Apple CEO Steve Jobs tendered his resignation letter to the board of directors at Apple he said the day had come where he could no longer do his job.

Jobs has been on a “Medical” leave since January and has not been seen or photographed in public for the last six months.

And now we know why.

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Today, photos of an emaciated Steve Jobs surfaced that unfortunately tell his story of pancreatic cancer and the resulting treatments.

The photos are shocking and show just how far along Steve’s illness has progressed.

Believe me, I have been around many terminal patients and when they get to this stage it is just a matter of time before they pass away.

That will be the next Steve Jobs headline.

So sad.

I suspect with Steve’s high IQ and great wisdom there must also be a healthy dose of pragmatism as well.

We really debated long and hard before writing this story and publishing these pictures. But the Bible says God gives us the sick to humble the healthy, and He gives us the poor to humble the rich.

Somehow, we pray that whatever message this post can send will be sent - and you will hear it in your own way, for your own needs.

God speed Steve Jobs.

You changed the World and that’s more than I can say I’ve done…

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