Mallory's Musings

Mallory's Musings

I am so excited to be featuring such a wonderful momma and family today.  You've got Mallory, a 27 year old stay at home mom, her best friend and hubby Joe and their little 18 month old Aubrey.  They live on Florida's Gulf Coast with their cute little puppy Ruby!  I am completely in love with her blog because her posts are real.  She takes these amazing photographs of her life and she tells feel-good experiences.  Not ones that make you hate your own life because you're not as perfect... yeah you know the ones, but ones that make you want to try a little bit harder and be a little bit better.  And when things aren't perfect- it's okay!  She is completely inspiring and if you haven't read a few of her posts, hop on over to Mallory's Musings and show her some following love!!

Here is cute little "Aubs".  I seriously LOVE her!!

Joe and Mallory- prettiest couple and bouquet EVER!

Get this.  That little Ruby sits on a chair at dinner time!  Talk about one loved little pup!  Will you guys tell Brian that I deserve a puppy?  He won't get me one!  RUDE!

Do you not love that romper?

What a beautiful little family huh?!  She links up to some blogs I have never heard of before and am so excited to check them out!  Get your buns on over to Mallory's Musings and fall in love with her and her adorable little family!

Ashley from The Shine Project will be visiting us tomorrow!  So be HERE and be excited!!