The Perfect Ponytail

Way simpler than some of the other beauty and fashion trends seen on the runways showcasing fall and winter fashions, the ponytail is a classic style that you can put your own signature twist on quickly, easily and fashionably!

And, while there are TONS of variations on this classic style from high ponytails to low ponytails to side ponytails, messy ponytails, super sleek ones and more, this is a look you can make your own with Goody Start.Style.Finish.

With Start.Style.Finish, Goody has simplified the way you style in three simple steps:

Step 1START: Detangle and Dry
Choose from 4 brushes to detangle and condition wet or dry hair to help prevent split ends and fight frizz:

Start hair style routine with the following brushes:

  • Ceramic/Ionic Straightening Brush ($8.99)

  • Gel Vent Brush ($6.99)

  • Ceramic/Ionic Detangling Comb ($2.99)

  • Ouchless Shower Comb ($2.99)

Step 2STYLE: Add Volume, Curl or Straighten
Lift, curl, volumize, straighten or smooth damp hair, prepping it for your pony. Choose from 7 brushes to help achieve the style you desire:

Style hair with the following brushes:

  • Ceramic/Ionic Porcupine Hot Round 43mm Brush: Volumize and straighten ($9.99)

  • So Smooth Ceramic Round 33mm: Volumize and curl ($7.99)

  • So Smooth Ceramic Round 43mm: Volumize and straighten ($7.99)

  • 43mm Ouchless Hot Round: Volumize and straighten ($7.99)

  • 53mm Ouchless Hot Round: Straighten ($7.99)

  • Gel Monofilament Hot Round 33mm Brush: Add curl ($6.99)

  • So Smart Tufted Round: Volumize and straighten ($4.99)

Step 3FINISH: Smooth and Shine
Once you’ve secured your ponytail with your hair accessory of choice (Goody Ouchless Elastics work wonders and don’t tug!), finish off the look with one of five brushes to eliminate static, frizz and add shine.

Finish your beauty system with the following brushes:

  • Paddle Brush ($4.99)

  • Ouchless Fine to Medium ($7.99)

  • Gel Cushion Brush ($6.99)

  • Ceramic/Ionic Flat Iron Comb ($5.99)

  • Gel Purse Brush ($4.99)