Back to School.... Back to School...

...or work.

What's genius about my back to school tips is that they are the SAME ones I would give for the working gal. So give this one a chance.

I'm totally guilty of overlooking these "back to school" type videos myself, just because, well... I'm not in school anymore.

But these tips are really great for everyone because it's all about creating a quick, easy, and long-wearing look that will take you through the day.

I get so many requests for a "back to school" makeup tutorial. Which to me, is kind of tricky because there are so many possibilities for a specific "back to school" look.

Even trickier, because in high school and college, girls are just beginning to really define their style. Some may be more comfortable wearing more makeup than others. Some may even go to schools with rules and restrictions on what kind and how much makeup can be worn.

That's when I realized that "back to school" makeup isn't defined by a specific look, but should really be all about ease and results.

In other words, something that will get you out the door fast and stay on all day.

Because at school, the last thing you should be worried about is touching up your makeup.

So here are some of my favorite tips for long-wearing makeup that is super easy and quick to apply. So whether you're a mascara and lip gloss gal, or if you love your eyeliner (like I did...every. single. day.), you can adjust these tips and the tutorial to suit you.

Yeah, you read that right. Come on, I was in to makeup. It was my thing.

Check out my video below for all my tips and the tutorial.

Then stop reading my blog and go do your homework.

xoxo, Tiffany