Kim Kardashian In W - What Does It Mean?

I just saw this publicity shot from a recent Sharon Stones film 5 Bucks a Day , and yes she does look damn good at 52, even in her tacky tiger stripe bikini get up. But Stone has always just had the goods naturally.  No seven hour work outs a day for her, like Madonna.  In fact I wonder if Sharon Stone has ever worked out at all.  Somehow I suspect not. 
And on the topic of working out, here's a photo of my trainer.
How adorable is this girl? 
And she's not just a hot body, she's bright too, not to mention energetic.
She works all day at a private equity firm...then trains private clients at night....then does her own serious training for competition.  That's a lot of energy, you know the type you have when you are 30.
Still, I admit, she's kind of inspirational.
In addition to urging me to stop blogging and start working out, she has been talking to me about nutrition and hydration.  This woman drinks a huge quantity of water, every single day, and has stressed the importance of proper hydration, especially after a workout.
Naturally, my preferred method of hydration at night is this.
And that probably isn't going to help to get me anywhere near having a Sharon Stone bikini body.
Speaking of bikini bodies, I assume by now everyone has seen the new W magazine.
Now I know that Miss Kardashian has bared it all, all over the place, including an 'accidental' release of a sex video on the internet...and they're always accidental, aren't they.
But can someone please tell my why W magazine featured her in this way.
Is that fashion?