Farsi Fashion or Guess Which One Is Ahmadinejad's Wife

This photograph is floating around the internet today after Shirin Sadeghi's article "Women and Style in Iran" on  the Huffington Post.
Yes, you guessed it... that is Mrs. Ahmadinejad sporting the chic black head to toe attire in between Wafaa Suleiman, the Christian and unveiled wife of the President of Lebanon and Randa Berri the elegantly veiled wife of the Speaker of Parliament of Lebanon.
Just for historical contrast I thought that these images were interesting
Iranian women from an earlier era including the beauty on the far right who would later become
Farah Diba Pahlavi
and from an even earlier era we have
Soraya, the first wife of the Shah Reza Pahlavi
Working in Beverly Hills, where we have the largest Iranian population outside of Tehran, the Persian women that I see everyday are hands down the most stylish women in the city.
Happily, they look something like this
(photo of Canadian Iranian women randomly snagged off the internet)
instead of this

Don't get me wrong, I am in not making a comment about Mrs. Ahmedinejad's physical attributes, I am commenting only about the chador at a state dinner.