Fall Hair Care Focus

For me Fall is all about revival as far as hair care is concerned. Even though I take special care of my hair all year round, I feel as though the period between the end of the summer and right before it gets really cold is important in my own personal hair care regimen. During the summer months, I co-wash more often but I also leave my hair out more often. During the fall months, I'm still co-washing regularly but I'm wear my hair up more often and concentrate on moisturizing my ends more. Since I can co-washing about twice a week, I need a moisturizer than is a bit more on the watery side so it can really get to all my hair easily.

Matrix Hydra-Seal Leave-in Créme is infused with Aloe Vera and Algae help nourish and restore hair’s moisture balance and its very thin so it penetrates and gets to all my hair without me having to sit and divide section by section to ensure moisturization.

Coconut Oil is another Fall Hair Care must have product. Actually coconut is one of my staples year round, I can't say enough about the power of coconut oil when used to add shine, seal in moisture, and soften up new growth.

Over the summer months I'm happy to report that my problem area (the nape) has grown in a lot. Before it looked crazy and was about a half inch in length now it's about three inches long (when straight) and curly. I'm almost positive that the relaxer does not take in that area like it does on the rest of my hair. The rest of my hair has a loose wave while this area is slightly loosened small spirals post relaxer. Now to keep up with that, I'm moisturizing that area twice a day and applying JBCO when I remember (which is like three times a week). Right now that is my number one priority, maintain the health back there and keep increasing the length.

What hair care goals are you focusing on this fall?