AHa life - Laughing All The Way To The Bank

I don't even know where to go with this "Finger Ring" created by jewelry 'designer' Jules Kim
and sold on the AHAlife flash sale website.
From the description
“I like to make designs that are statements,” says designer Jules Kim, who is offering her eye-catching creation to AHAlife readers in silver or gold (not shown). Molded from her own finger—first cast in wax, then in metal—this three-part hinged beauty is definitely a statement-making piece (learn more about its creation in our exclusive video). No wonder it was featured on every page of the latest issue of the fashion-forward magazine, Numero (yes, you read that right: every. single. page.). every single page...that's some serious product placement..but who is Numero, apparently I'm not fashion forward enough to recognize that magazine
And no wonder Bijules' left-of-center pieces are worn by the likes of Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna, Fergie, Kelly Rowland, Katy Perry, Santogold, Eve, Rye Rye and Karen O, onstage and off.
Wow...all the cool girls where this stuff!
"I wanted it to be a little part of me and it had to be weird," adds Kim of her "scary-cool" finger ring.
"There are conversations to be had about everything I wear or design."
The conversation begins here. If that is a conversation that you want to have...

Isn't AHA life the correct title for a website that would sell such a thing for 
and this creepy ring is not even in platinum like the Loree Rodkin goth jewelry, it is in silver
and it is a final sale and not returnable
The AHA  in the website's name is supposed to be for discovery
but the only discovery that I have made here is that AHA life is getting the last laugh here at the expense of  whoever would be silly enough to buy such a thing for $2400.

And this brings me to the subject of flash sales. 

I assume that like me your email in boxes, (note plural because we all have more than one email address now)
are overflowing with daily notices for flash sales from Haute Look, Gilt Group, Bluefly, Avelle, etc.
Let's say that there is a particular brand item that you have been yearning for, maybe a specific pair of Prada boots or a Mulberry handbag, or a BCBG dress, but you have put off buying it due to the price. 
If this specific item comes up on a 24 hour flash sale, it makes sense to buy it because you already wanted it and the price is now low enough to justify the purchase.

But an even bigger part of flash sales is impulse buying.  You see something that you didn't even know that you wanted and you buy it because it will only be on sale for 24 hours, or until is sold out.

Maybe because I am old, or just old fashioned, there is something that really bothers me about impulse shopping.  It just further represents to me the trend towards instant gratification in all things.   I believe that if you are going to spend $500 or $2500 or whatever, you should not do that on impulse. 
Also, who would spend this kind of money on an item that wasn't returnable?  What if you buy it and it doesn't fit?  What if you buy it and the next day hell freezes over or you get laid off or outsourced or whatever...wouldn't you want the option to get your money back?

Full disclosure here, my daughter loves Haute Look and Gilt Group, and she has bought from both. 
I have never made a purchase from a flash sale website, but I might consider it in the future if there is a specific item that I have been wanting to buy but wouldn't pay full retail for.

Do you buy from flash sales and have you been happy with shopping this way?