Around Town - Dinner and the Scene at BOA Steakhouse

So where do you go for a family dinner on a drizzling Saturday night to soak up the LA scene?
The answer of course is the sleek and sexy BOA Steakhouse on Sunset Boulevard
The menu was basic and straightforward, american cuts of steak and potato type of side dishes, except of course for the de rigueur Kobe and Waygu beef, which all respectable restaurants seem to have to serve now.  The wine list was extensive.  The service was helpful and friendly.

But let's face it, you don't go there for the food.  You go there for the scene
and sitting at the front table, there was quite a scene to be seen especially in the loungy bar.
Would I go back there, probably not except maybe for the chocolate hazelnut cake, which was delicious.As
Also, it might be nice in the summer months, when you can sit outside on the terrace.
But I could happily skip the bar scene which seemed to consist mostly of hipsters and hookers.
The LA demimonde, if you will.
(I wish that I had taken a photo of that not so young curvy brunette in the turquoise sequin halter style top, uncovered midriff and white jeans with sparkle playboy bunny logos on the back pockets, I kid you not.  Who wears that on a rainy October night?)
As usual I wore my typical conservative outfit of which nothing was new and most was really old.
A Ralph Lauren black label long cashmere long sweater and matching shell in chocolate brown over a Michael Kors wool pencil skirt in heather brown, all purchased 3 years ago (on sale) at Neiman Marcus.
A pair of Patrick Cox pumps purchased in Paris 12 years ago but seldom worn due to the high 4 inch heels.
An alligator belt that had belonged to my husband, and that I had shortened, which had to be close to 20 years old and a vintage alligator clutch by Kleinberg Sherrill that was 25 years old.
Oh, and the scarf, which I believe I bought last winter fact it is very likely that I picked it up at Walgreens for maybe $7.99.

Naturally, I wore some old jewelry too.

I'm glad that I went to BOA, just to see what all the hype was about. 
But now it's been there, done that.
I can move on.