2011 Spring/Summer Fashion Week

2011 Spring Summer Fashion Week

Day-2 for New York Fashion Week and I do not know about you, but I really feel about all frenziness the coming month. New York became the last weekend a hive of activity with designers, stylists, models and PR are everywhere to bring their show ready and looking for luxury. As the tension continues to rise until the first collections open and reveal new designs and trends from the Spring & Summer 2011 season, I could not wait, but to play Madame Soleil (a famous French psychic). Okay, I can not have her super powers to the new collections to guess, but all I can say from the Resort 2011 collections is that nostalgia never looked so good. The sixties were a clear trend with a healthy dose of femininity and elegance.

New York Spring Summer Fashion

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Spring Summer Fashion Week 2011