Wherever You Go - There You Are

Yesterday, a happy Sunday
Racing down the 405 freeway in the morning to get to Laguna Beach where the sky was blue and the tide was crazy high
Cafe creme and croissants at Jean Paul's bakery
Later lunch with an ocean view at the Coyote Grill
And then a quiet afternoon, sitting in the sun in my mother's spring garden
admiring her rosesand her blackberries
and her lavender
My mother had just returned from her vacation in Europe and she had a bunch of French magazines that she had bought for the flight home from Paris.
You know the usual Marie Claire, Vogue etc.
But in the group was a magazine that I had never seen before
with the tag line
Toutes Vos Envies Sont dans Envy
Sadly, it was frenchified version of OK or US magazine, complete with the usual celebrity nonsense....Kim Kardashian, Rachel Bilson, Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson, Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston,Tori Spelling, Lindsey Lohan, Jessica Alba...et al.
Kate Hudson & Cameron Diaz
La guerre est déclarée!
Belles et célibattantes: elles ont beaucoup en commun. Sûrement même un peu trop! Car depuis que Cameron sort avec l’ex de Kate, rien ne va plus...
So even France is polluted with B and C list American celebrities.
Wherever you to...there you are. You can't escape the cult of celebrity worship.
Sad, non?