Mizani Relaxer = Flaky Scalp?

Mizani Butter Blen Medium /Normal Relaxer 30 Oz
I got my last relaxer done at the salon, just because I didn't feel like doing it myself.  My stylist used a Mizani relaxer on my hair, which was fine with me because that's what I used last time at I really liked the results.  Anyway, 6 days later I noticed crazy amounts of dandruff (or what I though was dandruff) on my scalp and throughout my hair.  Even though I had another hair appointment the very next day I couldn't go in looking like that so I washed my hair myself and slathered on conditioner and left it like that until my appointment. 

When I got to the salon I told my stylist what happened with the dandruff and she told me that Mizani relaxers usually dry out the scalp something crazy and cause flakes like that, but she assured me it was not dandruff because if it was she would be able to rake up more flakes but she was unable to.  I was satisfied with this explanation, but I couldn't help but wonder if anyone else experienced this from using a Mizani relaxer?  Then I started thinking about my previous relaxer and I did remember some flakes after that relaxer too, so next time I'll be asking her to use something different.