Dominican Cellophane

Back in the day I had my fair share of Sebastian Cellophane rinses.  Since my hair isn't really that dark, the color deposits show up nicely especially when I'm outside in the sunlight.  However, as of late, I haven't been experimenting too much with them.  My favorite Sebastian Cellophane was Ginger, but to my knowledge that color is gone from the Cellophane's collection now.  Anyway, when my new stylist suggested that I try a Dominican Cellophane, I said okay.  She explained to me that she preferred the Dominican Cellophanes over the Sebastian version because with fine hair (that would be me) the Sebastian version can make the strands feel thick and slightly hard.  Honestly, I don't remember my hair feeling too different after using Sebastian's but I figured I'd try out the Dominican Cellophane. 

My stylist mixed up a few colors for my hair.  Honey, Cinnamon, and Clear is my mix in case you're wondering.  I'm in LOVE!  Although the color difference is extremely minor the shine and conditioning factor from the Dominican Cellophane was amazing!  My hair is soft and shiny and I love that, plus the shine is long lasting.  Sorry guys, my stylist didn't tell me the brand name of the Dominican Cellophane, but I can tell you that has a few different Cellophanes from DR so you might want to check that out. 

Here's some more info about Dominican Cellophane: They create an intense semi-permanent translucent hair color.  The Cellophane's have no peroxide and no ammonia. Long lasting and rich tones and also provides some conditioning. 

How it use:  My stylist shampooed my hair, then applied the color, covered my hair with a plastic cap and sat me under a dryer for about 30-40 minutes.  After that she rinsed out the color and conditioned my hair.