First Lady Fashion Schizophrenia

Does Michelle Obama have fashion schizophrenia?
God knows she can get it really right as she did with the one shouldered white gown that she wore to the inaugural ball.
But she can also get it really, really wrong.

This woman has hundreds of gowns to choose from...not to mention the benefit of bespoke from the top designers in this county, and she decides to wear this gown to a state dinner????
The color may be becoming but the fit and the fabric are terrible.

Here's what Tom and Lorenzo have to say about Mrs O.

We don't know, kittens. We go back and forth on this Peter Soronen dress. In the Silhouette Sweepstakes (which she often loses) this is a winner for her. She looks tall and elegant. The color is beautiful. The problem is that it's so shinyshiny that it looks, well, a little cheap. In fact, it looks a bit like a Project Runway entry. "Designers, you must design a dress for the First Lady to wear to dinner. You have 15 dollars and 3 hours to complete it. Carry on!"As for the hair, well we go back and forth on that one too. Perhaps we need more coffee to be the opinionated bitches you all love. On the one hand, changing up her sleek bob for a little curl sounds like a good idea in theory. On the other hand, all she needs is a little dog and the sheet music to "The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow" and she's good to go.

Sorry, but Mrs Obama needs a new stylist.