Business Development At Windsor Inc.

If I was the ex-wife of Prince Andrew, I would settle down in a little manor house in the countrywith my children
and my horses and dogs
and my country kitchen with an aga
and my cozy library with a fireplace
and my afternoon tea on the terrace
and my garden full of flowers and long lawns

I would live a happy life worthy of a James Herriot novel
except for the addition of a really hot polo playing lover

But what I wouldn't be doing is selling access to my children's father

which makes me wonder
why did she need the money so badly that she had to stoop to such deplorable behavior?

Don't get me wrong, the royal family is really Windsor Inc and certainly money passes hands all the time, perhaps in the form of donations to certain charities, or investments in certain funds.
But her blatant selling out was just in such bad form.
She should retire to the Falklands.