First Edition: Guess Whose Hair!

Guess whose hair this is!  Here's a clue.... she's been featured right here on The Anti Hair Slave before. 

Here's another clue... it's not me! She is related to me...

The answer, more pictures, and her hair care regimen after the JUMP!

If you guessed, GRAM!  Then you are RIGHT!!!! Yup ladies that's my grandmother.  I swear as she gets older her hair just gets longer and thicker and these pics were taken after they stylists cut about 2-3 inches off her hair. 

Isn't gram supercute?!!?  I know!  Okay so basically, Gram uses whatever shampoo and conditioner is in the house.  She leaves her conditioner on for a least 5 minutes with no heat, then she blows and curls her hair.  She does that once a week and she might touch up her bangs once during the week if needed with the curling iron.  She loves Biosilk for shine and that's pretty much it.  How simple is that?!?  None of this moisturizing and sealing every night or using growth aids.  One thing she does do it put her hair in a ponytail and cover it with a scarf before bed. 

She is self-relaxed and she touches it up every 8 weeks and self-trims as needed.  She also colors her hair, either she'll do it herself or I'll put it in for her.