Nails: Blue Memories...

OPI: Yoga-ta Get this Blue
This blue reminds me so much of my first "funky" nail polish... I was 12. I thought I was so dangerous with my dark sparkly navy Manic Panic nail polish. Which I'll admit, at that time, dark blue was unusual and I wasn't allowed to wear it many places.
Now, this dark, shimmery blue shade seems more sophisticated than rebellious. How times have changed... Anyway, I was SHOCKED at how gorgeous and amazing the formula of this polish was. It's so thick and non-streaky. I could have been fine with one coat.
I have but one (kind of major) complaint... That obnoxious "professional wide" brush that OPI has in some of it's polishes is unfortunately in this one. What is with that?? Some of my OPI colors have it, some don't (new and old). I can't figure it out. Some have the little plastic (what I like to refer to it as) "warning label" advertising the wide brush -- Which usually tells me to put it right back on the shelf. Anyway, it's a flat, wide brush that is really only conducive to people with square shaped cuticles and nails that are all the size of your big toenail. I just can't stand the thing. I made a mess of my cuticles with it (hence, the pictures of only my thumb and index finger...haha). I so wish they would go back to the regular brush for all the colors. Or maybe they have?? Let me know what you guys know about this crazines...haha.