MAC... I think it's about to get good...


So pretty much every collection that has come out so far this year since Hello Kitty (with the exception of the Dazzleglass collection) has just not excited me much. So recently when I would anticipate the past few collections released, I would get excited and make my little list of things I wanted. So I would excitedly go to the MAC store to check out everything in person and I would just be let down. Yeah, there have been some neat things that have come out recently, but it's like there's no excitement with the collections like there used to be--for me anyways. I just feel like nothing that has been released recently has been very unique.

So I looked ahead to the collections coming out into the summer and fall and I'm actually really excited. It seems that MAC is trying some different things--- Not always playing it safe (think a whole collection of products inspired by the color black--SO me, well, maybe not the black lipstick, but I'll probably get some anyway!), new products and shades (a new dazzleglass formula, new foundation-ish product, the new 130 brush-which I think will change my life, a collection COMPLETLY of nail polish-if MAC doesn't change the formula with this one, they're getting a nasty letter...let's face it, we all know they have the means to create a quality nail polish formula, new pro shades, etc.) Not to mention all the gorgeous, bright new shades that are coming out in lots of upcoming collections I've looked at. Honestly, I'm excited. From what I've seen, many of the upcoming collections just seem different and creative. What you'd expect from MAC.

I know I always mention upcoming MAC collections for the month ahead in my monthly favorites video, but I'm thinking about maybe doing a blog post with the collection info monthly that accompanies the favorites video. What do you think? I think it would be easier and hopefully, more helpful to you guys! I can also post my little wishlists as well :) That way you guys can see what I'm thinking about buying too! Leave your thoughts below...

**edit: Ok, so if you would like to see a blog post about collection info each month, would you rather see a SINGLE BIG post of all the upcoming collections and their descriptions? For example, in June, it would be a big "July MAC Collections" post. OR would you rather see SEPARATE posts of each collection and their descriptions? Or am I thinking too far into this...haha

Thanks in advance for the feedback guys!