How-To: Perfect Red Lips (Gwen Inspired)

Products used:
MAC Lip Conditioner
Benefit Benetint
MAC lip pencil in Cherry
MAC lipstick in MAC Red
Coastal Scents Lip/Concealer Brush
Benefit clear lipgloss
Make Up For Ever Double-Ended lip pencil in no 100 (or just use any concealer in pencil form or with a concealer brush)
Coastal Scents Taklon Flat Liner/Concealer brush

Some helpful tips:
*Make sure your lips are well-exfoliated. I mean, you don't have to do this EVERY time, but just make sure you don't have any bits of dry skin or flakiness going on.
Try a gentle exfoliant like Neutrogena Lip Nutrition Berry Smooth Balm. If you've got some serious flakiness, try a more abrasive product with more "scrubbies". Or, apply some regular Vaseline to your lips and gently massage into your lips in circular motions with a warm, damp washcloth.

*PLEASE don't forget the liner. It will really make all the difference. Even if you're like me and HATE wearing dark or bright lipliner, it's a must where red lips are concerned.

*Just as important as lip liner--Don't forget the concealer "reverse liner" trick. Whether you use a pencil like I did, or just a concealer a shade or two lighter than your skin tone on a lip or concealer brush, it's an important step. It will counteract any redness around the lip area and create a super clean, defined line.

*Resist the urge to draw the liner outside your lipline. The before-mentioned no-no combined with red lipliner is a recipe for disaster. When it starts to wear off (even slightly), you'll look like you have chapped lips or that you're just a really sloppy eater (or smoocher....hehe).

*Don't forget the "finger" trick (see video). Red lipstick and teeth don't mix. Well, red lipstick ON your teeth doesn't mix, I should say.