Matte Nail Polish! Zoya

When I heard Zoya was releasing a few matte shades, I was super excited. I ordered only one, Dovima, which is the darkest almost black shade. They also have a more gray one and a pretty maroon shade. Well, I can safely say I'll probably be ordering the other two very soon! I was actually shocked to have gotten mine so quickly...From what I knew, these weren't going to be sent out until July 1st since they were technically a pre-ordered item...??? Oh well. I'm excited and I LOVE this stuff. You've got to work fast with it though. As you may be able to see on my thumbnail, it can get a little clumpy if you don't work quickly with it. This is because it dries SUPER fast. Seriously. I received my package literally 20 minutes before posting this! *My rushed excitement will explain the messy cuticles... But overall, the color is even, smooth and VERY matte. It looks MUCH more matte in person. You can also apply a topcoat if you decide you want a more glossy finish and get bored with the matte. I used two coats and no basecoat.

**edit: After the color "sets" and completely dries (it's been at least 6 hours since posting) the color really evens out and looks completely smooth. It's pretty much impossible to show just how matte and even the color is in photos, but it's awesome!