Man Fashion: Detox Your Wardrobe

While I was clearing some of the old stuffs in my wardrobe few week ago, I realized that there were tons of clothes that I'm no longer wearing. Do you think the same?

So if a sense of wellness can be achieved through detoxifying my body, the same surely can be said of my wardrobe. So I finally got some time today to "detoxifying". Like a physical detox (for those who experienced), I have to plan ahead, ie. set aside half a day for de-cluttering and ensure no distractions too. Do remember to put some of your favorite music on.

To be frank with you, this was not really a pleasant exercise. Like what I called this as detoxing the wardrobe, I finally treated this as serious as like detoxing my body. Be brutal and decisive.

So let me shared these Top 5 questions that I asked myself:-

  1. Have I worn this garment in the past 1 year?
  2. Is this still in Fashion? If you still have the deconstructed 90s dress, or even further back, then the answer to this is NO, dispose it.
  3. Does it still Fit? Like what I shared with you the other day on my previous post, when you feel you cannot fit into that pair of khakis pant you bought last summer, then the answer is dispose it.
  4. Do you have any sentimental feelings toward this pair of garment? Consider if you have any sentimental attachment toward any clothes especially the first dress that you bought with your first pay check. When you can say No, then dispose it.
  5. Did it cost over $500? If this is really expensive, you might want to consider retain it. However, if you can decisive and say No to this, dispose it.
Segregate all my clothes into 3 main categories, The YES, NO and MAYBE group. Simple answer for both Yes and No group. The challenging No group of clothes took me most of the time. As I said earlier, you must be decisive and brutal.

Why not start your detoxifying your wardrobe to welcome the new Summer this year?