MAC Blush Palettes


Hey guys! Here is a little peek into my MAC blush palettes and how I organize them. Keep in mind these are just my powder blushes (and just MAC). I don't depot the cream blush or mineral blush or even some of the limited edition ones in cute packaging. I actually depot most of the l.e. ones because the little pots are annoying... I think I only have a couple that are not depotted (HK and Manish Arora)--trust me, it's been hard. I've wanted to depot them so bad! haha
**Also, I removed the inserts in the palettes, which basically serve as little "guides" to place your refill pans in. You don't need them since the entire bottom of the palette is a solid piece of metal, so the whole thing is magnetic. The insert just keeps them straight and separated. To me, removing the insert is worth the extra 2 spaces it provides. Normally, blush palettes hold only 6. With the inserts removed, they hold 8 nicely. Removing the inserts is easy. Just wedge something around the edges and it will pop right out.

(top-bottom, left-right)
Cute (dc'd), Well Dressed, Pinch O' Peach, Blushbaby
Pink Swoon, Dollymix, Peachykeen, X-Rocks (le)

Spaced Out (le), Cantaloupe (pro), Sunbasque, Prism
*Lightsweep (pro, shape powder), Harmony, Sincere, Gingerly
*only shape powder I own in a refill--I have all the shades in le duos--Lightsweep makes for an AWESOME color to use to blend out blush if you've overdone it or to highlight tan/olive skin tones, so I like to keep it handy :)

...and for my favorite. My Beauty Powder Blushes I've depotted. Please note, these ARE NOT the same as a Beauty Powder (see the FAQ section of my blog). They are FABULOUS and I love them. I want to eventually have all the shades. They are le items. I also have the HK Tippy bpb as well, but couldn't bring myself to depot it :) The formulas and the finish of these are just amazing.
(all shades are le)
Enough Said, Shy Beauty, Eversun, Serenely
Secret Blush, Stark Naked, Feeling, On a Mission

So I think I'm set with MAC blush...haha. Next on my list is to hopefully round out my bpb collection with the shades I don't have and I'm also working on a palette with other pro blush colors because they have awesome brights. I'll post that when it's all done and I'm happy with it ;)

Hope this was helpful! I've also done something similar with my MAC eye shadow palettes. Click here for that post. **Keep in mind, that was a few months ago and they've changed DRAMATICALLY since then. New post to come soon on that :)