Protect Your Highlights This Summer

Highlights are hands down one of the prettiest ways to update your look. Zoe Kravitz stepped out at the New York premiere of X-Men with some of the most summery highlights ever. I think her hair color looked amazing, but I know it must take some serious up-keep and protection during the summer months.  To help you guys get the most of your highlights this summer, I've asked Natasha Sunshine, Pureology Colour Ambassador and owner of Byu-ti Hair Therapy, Pureology’s flagship salon to share a few tips for protecting your highlights from the two biggest threats, the sun and the pool this summer!

Natasha says, "Prevent your hair from fading by using products that have sunscreen UVA an UVB protection like Pureology's EssentialRepair ColourMax spray. Use it before every blowdry or even spray on before hitting the beach. And just a hot tip, every Pureology product, even their stylers have a special AntiFade Complex for longer lasting hair color in them so the more Pureology you use the better the protection."

Planning on spending a lot of time in the water this summer?  Natasha gives us a tip on how to protect your hair color from the pool.  "Protect your color in the pool by loading your hair up with a heavy conditioner before getting in and pull hair back into a low bun. This will help create a barrier against the chlorine. The tight bun prevents the chlorine from getting to your ends, the most porous part of the hair. Follow up by using Purify shampoo by Pureology to pull any chlorine residue out."

Have that dreaded green tint to your hair?   Natasha has a remedy for that!  "Put six Aspirin in a bowl filled with two cups of water and soak for 15 minutes. It'll pull the green right out of the hair."