Veuve Clicquot Classic - Go Polo!

Forgetting about the World (snore) Cup action in South Africa
Heather Clawson over at Habitually Chic blogged last week about this new book Polo: The Nomadic Tribe
and last weekends Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic starring Prince Harry and polo superstar and face of Ralph Lauren Black, Nacho Figueras.

Harry had a little tumble, ouch
but Nacho was a suave as ever... and Black Watch won the match...of course.
More on polo out in blogland
The Trad has been weighing in on the the lack of spectator chic at Palm Beach Polo compared to how the polo crowd dressed for the games back in the 1980s.
Having seen these photos of the 2009 Westchester Cup  I can report that there are still plenty of well turned out fans at Palm Beach.
But no matter how the fans dress, the game is still the most elegant professional sport out there even if the life is nomadic....and it is. 
And it's not all champagne and caviar because you don't get to be a top American polo player like this talented horseman and to play on the team that won the Triple Crown of Polo without years of hard work and training.  Yes, the Argentine players like Nacho add the sexiness and excitement, but the American players like Julio add the goals.