Super Growth Mix Update

Here is my updated for this post, The Super Growth Mix Video.  This time around I decided not to make a video.  Anywho, I've totally dropped the Mega-Tek from the mix, just leaving the Jamaican Black Castor Oil as the sole ingredient and I'm getting the same results.  My scalp just seems to be immune against Mega-Tek, while others use it and see amazing amount of growth (like a whole inch in one month). 

I have been oiling my scalp (especially the nape area) with JBCO at least two times a week and guess what?  My nape that was once made up of just taco meat, is now about 3 inches long!  But don't expect to see any pics of that area but it's still completely unpresentable!

Here is exactly what I've been doing with my nape:
1. Using JBCO at least two times a week on the scalp only
2. Moisturizing the area two sometimes three times a day with Wave Nouveau
3. Wearing thick headbands that cover the majority of that area.