Pantene Clarifies Conditioner Myths

While at the Pantene Pro-V breakfast the conditioner stories just kept pouring out.  Like most of  you, the women at the breakfast confessed that we love to leave our conditioner on long.  The directions say let sit 5-10 minutes?  We leave it on for at least 30 minutes with heat and sometimes even overnight, with the idea that if 5-10 minutes is good well 1 hour plus heat is even better.  Well guess what ladies?  Pantene Scientist Jeni Thomas says it's not true.  If the conditioner is not formulated to be heat-activated then adding heat is just a waste of time and enegry.  Another big mistake?  Using too much conditioner.  The directions say a dime sized amount?  We take fists full and glop it on our hair.  Guess what?  We are wasting product.  Celebrity stylist and Pantene user, Tippi Shorter says we only need enough conditioner to coat our strands and a dollar coin sized amount should do the trick, because remember you don't need to condition your scalp, in fact Tippi warns against it. 

Product tip:  The newest Pantene products are specifically tailored to different hair types.  Just because you are  a black woman doesn't mean Relaxed & Naturals is for you!  Keep your eyes peeled for more posts on more Pantene News.