Jewelry Biz - All Things Webb and Wonderful

Here at we are big fans of all things Webb and Wonderful
although we prefer the fabulous vintage jewelry to the newly manufactured pieces
Here are a couple of our favorite vintage Webb wonders
Vintage David Webb Emerald and Diamond Ring $5850

Vintage David Webb Carved Emerald and Diamond Necklace $19,550
(Why the hefty price you ask...a 90 plus carat emerald!)

So now we have some big news in the Jewelry Biz -
We are just hoping that now that company has been bought by a group consisting of three well known estate jewelers, that the Webb brand can thrive in the way that the Verdura brand has endured.
From National Jeweler
Founded in 1948 by David Webb and Nina
Silberstein, and owned since 1975 by the Silberstein family, David Webb operates
two retail locations--with one being the flagship store on Madison Avenue in
Manhattan and the other a company affiliate at the upscale Regent Beverly
Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.
The company also owns a factory where it
manufactures its own jewelry.David Webb filed for bankruptcy in June 2009,
citing substantial cash flow difficulties and a drop-off in sales brought on by
the economic downturn. At the time of the filing, the company reported that its
sales fell to less than $5 million for the year to date, as compared to $13.25
million for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2009, court papers show.
"For decades, David Webb jewelry has been covered and highly collectible," a release announcing the sale said. "The challenge of maintaining continuity while engaging in renewal involves honoring the essential lexicon of this legendary American designer and projecting it with a 21st century blueprint."The brand has said that it will attempt to reach a broader audience, one that includes the next generation of young shoppers and that it will elevate the brand to "a global position appealing to women who are looking for modern jewelry with bold and expressive style and design."