Weatherproof Your Hair: Tips from Jet Rhys

When the weather is throwing a tantrum, a gorgeous head of hair is no easy feat! No matter what's in the forecast where you live, Jet Rhys shares her tips with you.

Snow & Rain
Whether you live in New York City, Seattle, or Aspen, the temperamental weather from thunderstorms to snowstorms can play havoc with your hair. Keep your beauty routine easy by shampooing and conditioning regularly. Limit the use of styling products like waxes and gels. If the rain or snow dampens your mane, hair will become sticky and flat. Instead, use a leave in conditioner that is cream based not oil based.
*Hot Tip: Keep a little pouch in your purse with a mini brush, hair elastics, and pins. If your hair gets wet, it will look chic if you pull it back.

Chilly & Cold
The crisp winter air in cities like Boston, Chicago, and Denver can get cold and dry. Avoid over shampooing, which can strip natural oils from hair causing it to look flat and limp. Jet recommends skipping a day between shampoos and on the days you don't shampoo, rinse with water then massage your hair and scalp with conditioner.
*Hot Tip: Spray your styling brush with static guard to avoid static from the dry air.

Warm & Sunny
The heat and humidity in cities like Miami and Honolulu translates to sizzling temperatures year-round. Humidity has a tendency to bring out curls and frizz. Don't fight it, work with it says Jet.
*Hot Tip: Apply a light silicone product to freshly shampooed hair. For extra smoothness, dry your hair thoroughly to combat frizz all day.

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