French Braid? Yes. Or No.

Okay. Nothing special. I just thought it was cooler than a normal french braid... cause it was to the side... ? ha ha!! I haven't washed my hair in... four, five, five days. I'm getting it dyed and cut tomorrow, SO OVER DUE! So it's pretty nasty. Don't judge me! Anyway. I think I'm going to start putting pictures and maybe even some videos if any of you want, of different, cool hair styles and some tutorials. I've always wanted to put together a little picture book for my girls (if I ever have any!) of different hair styles that we have done or want to do. Because doing hair isn't hard, it's coming up with the idea that makes you end up straightening it everyday!

That's not a hair style. Oh that's just a cute little Bosty!
Ah, there's those three teeth he's had for the last three months.