Fall fashion 2010 collection’s Chanel at Paris fashion shows

Freja Beha Erichsen and three bears on an ice floe. Karl conceit of the season, no surprises, was an in-any way extravagant play Coco in cold weather. It was the arctic scene at Chanel, where large parts of bona fide iceberg, specially transported from Scandinavia, formed frozen landscape around what models solemn splashing through a sea of "Rock-melt in your furry snow boots with ice-block heels.

Meanwhile, dress and coat combination also had a level of lavish production usually reserved for fine eveningwear. Fur-fringed embroidery and ice jewelry conspired to create intensely worked ruffled and beaded silhouettes that glinted with rock-crystal neckpieces and Fistful rings. A gray and black fur jacket was knitted in a sparkling mesh to mimic a down-filled puffer. The bride-Freya, re-dangling a bag of ice block in a fur-woven Chanel chain.