Vacation's All I Ever Wanted

Lots of stuff to do this week because next week I'm off to this place
where I plan to do some of this

and some of this

and spend some downtime away from the computer...although I'm taking my laptop of course.

But even away from the keyboard I will be reevaluating business, blogging and all things Beladora, like adding new features, redecorating the site, and starting a corporate blog like the competition, who shall not be named.
I will also be considering a road trip to New York and maybe one to London/Paris sometime in the Fall.  (And jesus Jill, if you'd ever invite me to El Paso, I'd plan a trip there too)
Books to read on the beach are on my mind too, but it is too late for me to order from Amazon, biographies from Antonia Fraiser (thank you tabitha) and novels from Anthony Powell (thank you LBT).  I shall be reduced to finding an actual bookstore or worse, buying cheesy paperbacks at the airport. 
This is what happens when I wait until the last minute...