Friday Afternoon Rant

I saw this yesterday on a post from Corporette
A silly glass bead necklace by Adesso from Revolve Clothing as an alternative to a classic pearl strand.
The price on this art project necklace you ask
Is that not insane?
The intrinsic value of this nonsense necklace is maybe, and I'm being generous with my maybe,
about $30
Who would buy really I want to know, who?
It pisses me off that women are constantly being encouraged to spend money on utterly ridiculous, trendy and overpriced jewelry, shoes, bags, clothes, etc.
Here is my alternative

Too staid you suggest, not trendy enough
Well I beg to differ
The classic, timeless Grace Kelly look in pearls is actually on trend

And how do I know this you wonder
I know this because fashion editors and stylists are requesting this type of thing for the fashion shoots.  In fact this very necklace was requested for the Steven Meisel - Christy Turlington photo shoot for Italian Vogue.  It was also requested for a cover shoot by Vanity Fair. just went out yesterday to a hot star for a red carpet appearance.  She may wear it or one of the other pearl necklaces that we loaned. We shall see.

So to anyone who is considering buying the glass bead necklace for $632
can I suggest a fashion intervention by your friends and family
Because friends don't let friends waste money on fashion jewelry.