Summer Shopping Spree - Estate Emeralds and Vintage Oscar de la Renta

How amazing is it that in the Estate Jewelry world that we just bought the emerald earrings and ring that perfectly match our Fred Leighton emerald and diamond necklace aka my signature necklace from my profile picture. What were the chances that an international private client would just happen to want to sell these pieces...and we would just happen to want to buy them. 
Here we have Mademoiselle de Ville, in her gray t-shirt, modeling the suite. 
Now...I just have to put my mind to it and find some fancy schmancy black tie gala to attend where I can wear these emeralds....and my vintage Oscar de la Renta evening gown, recently purchased from Couture Allure Vintage.

Miss de Ville thinks that the gown is a little too "saloon girl", whereas I prefer to think of it as Belle Epoque.  At any rate, no one will notice the dress if I wear it with the emeralds.
Now...bring on the black tie events....I am ready and willing.