The Genius of House of Harlow...

If you guys have watched my videos for a while, you've probably seen me wearing this necklace to the left... (kind of an old pic!)

Anyway, I always get questions about it and actually mentioned it in a few videos I think-- the brand and where to get it. The brand is "House of Harlow" which is Nicole Richie's jewelry line. You'd think the stuff which is often pictured on celebrities and mostly made with good materials--think 14k gold, leather, etc-- would be outrageously expensive.

While I purchased my beloved necklace for $95 at a boutique-most items are less than half this price. Since purchasing mine, I've seen some websites carrying it for around $115. A lot of sites that are selling House of Harlow and trying to make a profit by jacking up the price of the pieces, so be careful. Larger stores like Bloomingdales have started carrying the line as well and with the actual prices which are much lower than what some websites will try to get for the pieces. There are some larger items like headpieces and larger cuffs that can go for a little more because they're larger, but that's about it.

What gets me is that all the pieces feel heavy and are made well.
These are the other items I own from the collection-

14k gold, resin, and stone earrings, $35
I LOVE these because they literally go with anything-- especially cute with the necklace above :)
They actually come in lots of colors-- Mine are the black, pictured

"Sunburst" Leather, 14k gold button earrings, $28
I think these are such a steal-- mostly because they are made of good materials and are actually quite large. About the size of a quarter.

...and my favorite, the super huge obnoxious Sunburst ring, 14k gold & leather, this one retails for around $45-50

This one is my favorite because it's quite large and unusual, but mine actually used to belong to Kim Kardashian which I think is kind of cool. I got it from her popular ebay store where she sells her actual things with proceeds going to charity, which I love. What's funny is that I paid the same price it would have cost retail, which is kind of cool.
You can see just how big it is in this picture:

I just think these pieces are so fun-- and most of all, affordable. At similar prices you'd pay at retail stores for cheaply made costume jewelry that's not made very well and won't last. With these, you actually get well-made jewelry that you can keep forever. Plus, every piece is so unique and really stands out. I absolutely LOVE House of Harlow--

To find retailers, lots of options come up on Google-- There are literally so many sites that sell this stuff! But just compare prices like I said-- Beware of sites that jack up the prices!